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Miller’s Elite Cleaning

In the 1950’s, most homes had hardwood and linoleum floors, usually covered with 9 x 12 area and oriental rugs so loose rug cleaning became a major part of their cleaning business.

As wall-to-wall carpeting came into fashion replacing hardwood floors, Leo Miller – with sons Jim & Perry – began shampoo cleaning carpets in the home. In search of a better cleaning of wall-to-wall carpets, steam or hot water extraction became the cleaning method of choice using heavy portable cleaning equipment.

Later in the 1980’s truck mounted steam extraction cleaning machines were developed which have led to the high tech and efficient equipment used today.

Jim’s daughter, Sharon Miller now owns and operates Miller’s Elite Cleaning and is carrying on the Miller tradition of quality cleaning services with her husband, Craig Dunn, who brings his own experience with 20+ years of owner and operator carpet cleaning in Texas.

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